Vampire and half-brother of Magiere.  Skilled as a conjuror, creating several magical instruments to aide himself as a Noble Dead.  Despises his existence as an undead; thinking poorly of vampires. Appears to be a 40 year old man of medium height and build.  He has peppered-brown hair kept combed back.  White patches of hair on his temples frame his features.  He is described as "striking, not handsome."  He has a slight widening at the bridge of his nose and the top half of his little finger on his left hand is gone.  He dresses in well made boots and a mahogany cloak.  He appears to be a lesser noble and is very intelligent. His senses are powerful, feeling Edwan's pressence without the ghost fully manifesting.  Caleb reveals to Magiere that Welstiel was friendly with Dunction and that he was "always welcome."

The Noble Son

Welstiel's father Bryon was a lord in a Droevinkan province.

Aiding the Hunter

When Magiere reaches Miiska, Welstiel shows up at her new tavern with a warning. He explains to her about the Noble Dead and calls her a dhampir.  After Magiere battles against Rashed, she goes to the Velvet Rose Inn to speak with Welstiel and get his help.  Welstiel seems agitated at her ineptitude and tells her to use "the dog."  To Magiere's discomfort, Welstiel knows all about vampires and her past.  His room at the inn is plain and the only possessions he keeps are a small travel chest, a frosted glass globe with three sparks of bright light and four old leather-bound books. 

After Magiere's throat is slashed by Rashed, Welstiel goes to make sure they are able to save her.  He instructs Leesil to place Magiere's amulet with the bone against her skin and to feed her his blood as it is the only way for her to recover.  He explains to them the nature of a dhampir and how they walk between both worlds.  Magiere again goes to Welstiel for his help before they plan their final fight against Rashed. He explains that some vampires are turned against their will and hate their existence and other undead, first hinting that he too is a vampire.