Vampire Fangs

One of the highest forms of the undead this class of Noble Dead are reanimated humans who need to consume the essence of life contained in living creatures. This is taken through the blood. Bloodletting wastes most of a being's life, forcing Vampires to feed frequently. The vampire Welstiel forms a method of drawing the entire essence of a victim into a pure form which sustains him for much longer without him having to bite them. Unlike conventional stories of vampires, these vampires are surpisingly hard to kill. Even decapitation is not the end for them as shown when Magiere does this to Chane but Welstiel recovers his body and drops mortally wounded onto him for him to absorb their blood and recover after several days. Fire seems to be the only sure way to destroy them, though sunlight does seem to be deadly to them as well. A vampire can heal from fatal wounds including slashed throats and being impaled. The loss of the black liquid that passes as their blood severely weakens them, forcing them to feed in order to heal. This leaves them vulnerable to be debilitated and then burned.  The bites and claw slashes of a Majay-hi and the strikes of Magiere's falchion inflict uncommon pain on a vampire.  They describe a powerful burning sensation and that it takes much longer and is more difficult to heal than other wounds.

Notable Vampires

Welstiel Massing

Chane Andraso







There are several misconceptions in the world about vampires that even some of their own kind believe.  When Corische turns Rashed, Teesha and Ratboy, they are all under the assumption that they must sleep in a coffin filled with the dirt of their homeland.  Edwan reveals to them that it is nothing more than a superstition after their home is burned down and their coffins destroyed.  Vampires also develop mental abilities.  Some of them are highly dependant on the individual, but some share certain abilities in common.  Most vampires are able to affect the minds of humans in some form or another.  Some, like Teesha, can implant entire strings of false memories, while others such as Sapphire and Chane can only blur a victim's recognition.  Once turned, a vampire cannot resist the orders of the one who turned them.

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