Master of Genocide to the modern dwarves, Byunduni aka Deep-Root was a Stone-Walker in the ancient dwarven city of Baalale Seatt. While the other dwarves of Baalale Seatt were thrown into a homicidal confusion brought on by Il'Samar's sorcerors, the Eaters of Silence, Deep-Root is guided by the Fay in the form of a massive dragon. Deep-Root makes his brother Feather-Tongue flee the city before he and the Fay-born dragon destroy the city preventing the an army of goblins and other living beasts from connecting the southern deserts First Glade, an area where they were unable to infiltrate with undead forces. Deep-Root instructed his brother to never speak of his to keep the city buried in secret forever. Rumors of what happened led to Deep-Root becoming known as a mass-murderer and one of the Fallen.