An agent of the ancient Enemy, Sau'ilahk is a Wraith class of Noble Dead. Sau'ilahk is without a corporeal form, Sau'ilahk can use conjury of the Elements to create simple servants as spies or set traps and also to control animals as familiars. Sau'ilhk was once the high priest of the Reverant who worshipped Il'Samar whom he calls Beloved. Sau'ilahk was jealous of the preferential treatment Beloved gave to his Children the vampires and demanded eternal life. Beloved granted this request but in an ironic manner, giving him the eternal life but taking away his physical body and appearance. Thus, Sau'ilahk appears as a hooded firgue with fingers and forearms wrapped in burial wraps. His hooded cloak or robed form is that of his burial shroud. Sau'ilahk is not like ghosts or spirits in the Noble Dead Saga. When the sun rises, Sau'ilahk must enter Dormancy like vampires do, but unlike vampires Sau'ilahk merely discorporates when he enters Dormancy causing his manifest spirit to "wink out of existence as it were." While in Dormancy Sau'ilahk melds with the spirit aspect of Creation until the light of the Sun passes allowing him to "wink" into. In the novels Sau'ilahk describes himself to be unlike true ghost that can move about invisible through the world. He must feed on the life-force of others in order to anchor himself to the physical world. Sau'ilhk has limited ability to interact with corporeal matter, so he must feed on life-force in order to be able to use magic or corporealize himself inorder to physically touch someone. Sau'ilhk feeds on the living by draining their life-force through touch or interacting is manifest spirit with their physical form there-by draining them of their essence of life. He seeks the Spirit Anchor of Creation so that he may once again have a physical body. In this goal Sau'ilahk follows Wynn Hygeorht as she searches for the orbs which are the Anchors of Creation. Sau'ilahk is vulnerable to sunlight like other Noble Dead but can be ressurected even after being destroyed by light.
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