An undead vampire that followed the Feral Path.  Brother of Rashed.  First real vampire encountered by Magiere in Stravina near the Vudrask River.  Dark stringy hair, pale with small gnarled nails like claws.  Thin and gaunt.  Sunken cheeks. 

Parko was a soldier with his brother, fighting in Suman.  When Rashed is turned into a vampire by Corische, he presumably turns Parko as well.  Parko serves Corische along with the others until Rashed kills their lord.  With Rashed as their new leader, they take to the road to make their own way.  In their travels, Parko runs off several times into nearby villages to kill and feed.  After Rashed starts to become worried of his brother drawing attention, he sends Ratboy to find him.  Together with Ratboy, Parko finds a group of teenage boys and they slaughter them.  When they return, Rashed beats Parko and cuts his coffin loose from their wagon, abandoning him.  Parko continues down the Feral Path, killing for delight whenever he wishes until he is sensed by Chap in a Stravinan forest.  Parko is arrogant and toys with Magiere until he discovers that her falchion and Chap's bites can actually hurt him.  He is killed by Magiere by decapitation and disposed of in the Vudrask River.