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From one author, J.C. Hendee, [1]: Two caveats need to be mentioned. First be aware that minor to major spoilers are scattered throughout this information if you are new to (or have not read up to the latest volume of) the Noble Dead Saga (a.k.a. The Saga of the Noble Dead). Second, this wiki is a work in progress by volunteers / readers (not the authors), so accuracy is in development as well and may not be 100%.

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The Noble Dead Saga

Series 1

The first series is broken into two trilogies (1-3 mass market only trilogy and 4-6 first hardback trilogy)

  1. Dhampir
  2. Thief of Lives
  3. Sister of the Dead
  4. Traitor to the Blood
  5. Rebel Fay
  6. Child of a Dead God

Series 2

  1. In Shade and Shadow
  2. Through Stone and Sea
  3. Of Truth and Beasts

Series 3

  1. Between Their Worlds
  2. The Dog in the Dark
  3. A Wind in the Night
  4. First and Last Sorcerer
  5. The Night Voice

Related Books

Tales of the World of the Noble Dead Saga:


  1. The Game Piece
  2. The Feral Path
  3. The Sapphire
  4. The Keepers
  5. The Reluctant Guardian
  6. The Wind in the Night
  7. Captives
  8. Claws
  9. The Sleeping Curse
  10. Silent Bells

Bones of the Earth

  1. Karras the Kitten
  2. Karras the Cat

Tales of Misbelief

  1. The Forgotten Lord


Mist-Torn Witches series

  1. The Mist-Torn Witches
  2. Witches in Red
  3. Witches with the Enemy
  4. To Kill a Kettle Witch


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The following are main characters or have reoccurring roles in the Noble Dead Saga:

The following characters play a significant role in one or more of the books

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