Chap first senses the Feral vampire Parko in the forests of Stravinia.  He engages in a fight with the vampire, wounding him much to Parko's surprise.  Magiere tracks Chap and Parko begins to taunt her from the trees.  Magiere resists fighting to kill him as she thinks he is a maddened and sick villager and does not want the extra attention.  Parko's first attack on her is partially blocked by her falchion.  He goes for her throat, but he only manages to scrape his nails across her leather armor.  The blow knocks her off her feet, but her swing manages to cut into Parko and draw blood which surprises him.  Parko becomes more serious, grabbing Magiere by the throat and choking the life out of her.  The more she fights back against him, the more she panics and awakens the hunger inside.  This is the first time it is mentioned that Magiere feels the heat and knotting in her stomach and the hunger during battle.  The fever leaves a tingling sensation from the heat wherever it passes through her.  Her strength increases and she is able to push back against Parko's grip.  Chap attacks from the side when Parko begins to try to bite Magiere.  Chap attacks several times, biting Parko repeatedly and injuring his wrist.  Magiere swings blindly and falls into them, managing to decapitate Parko as she falls down a hill.  When Magiere stands, she finds Parko's decapitated body and Chap carrying the head in his teeth.  They toss the body in the Vudrask River.  Parko's brother Rashed senses his death and first learns of the existence of this genuine hunter.