After learning of Parko's death, Ratboy volunteers to be the one to kill the hunter and her companions as he is the fastest and Rashed is too easily recognized.  Teesha thinks Rashed should be the one to go as he is the strongest, but he agrees with Ratboy and allows him to go.  Ratboy feeds off a travelling merchant and waits until he can head off the others.  Ratboy circles the group, but is unable to remain undetected due to Chap's senses.  He decides to disable Magiere first, then kill Chap and Leesil so that he can take his time killing the hunter.  Ratboy attacks first, tackling Magiere and punching her in the face.  Leesil fires an arrow through his back, but the quiver has little effect on the vampire.  Chap and Ratboy struggle for a while before Chap leaps at him and is kicked into the side of a tree.  Magiere is soon back on her feet and Ratboy is momentarily stunned to find that the bites on his hand from Chap are bleeding and giving a burning sensation.  Ratboy attacks Magiere, but she cuts him across the back with her falchion.  She kicked him to the ground but as she tried to stab him, he dodged.  At this point, Ratboy decides to cut his losses and flees back into the woods.