Karlin Boigiesque: Owner of the bakery in Miiska.  He is a heavy-set man who is "smooth-headed and always smelling of spice and soap." (according to Magiere)  First person that Magiere and Leesil encounter.  Has a warm and outgoing personality and becomes a close friend of the two.  When the vampires are thought defeated, he goes door to door to gather funds to pay Magiere for her services and sends Geoffry and Aria to give her the money.  He is asked by Magiere to call together a town meeting and  is the first to volunteer to help Magiere and Leesil when they ask the town to help them fight the vampires when it is revealed they survived the warehouse fire.  Armed with a crossbow, he stands with Leesil on a rooftop, waiting for a signal when the town is overrun by wolves.  Magiere asks him to provide The Sea Lion with a steady supply of baked goods, but he tells her that it would be a better idea to hire on Aria as a permanent employee.  He becomes a town council member and is the main advocate in gettng the tavern rebuilt by the town.  After the tavern is rebuilt, Karlin and Darien approach Magiere and he informs her as politely as he can that he will now need to pay her back taxes.  He later comes to the tavern when it opens with Loni, presenting Magiere with the letter from Bela asking for the hunter's help. 

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