Il'Samar, the Sumanese word for the Night Voice is the ancient Enemy that nearly led to the destruction of the world long ago. Called Beloved by his followers, Il'Samar manifests as the massive black coils of some Lovecraftian-esque serpentine creature. Il'Samar was thrwarted in two major attempts to destroy his enemies; the humans, elves and dwarves. First his undead forces were barred from entering the lands of First Glade so he recruited living forces of goblins and pirates to infiltrate the elven stronghold but was again defeated by the dwarf Deep-Root with aid by the Fay. Il'Samar manipulates his followers by whispering thoughts and images to them through their dreams hence the name the Night Voice. It is in this manner he leads Welstiel Massing to seek out Magiere and locate the first of the Anchors of Creation and also to lead Magiere to the castle of Li'kan. Il'Samar guides the necromancer Ubad into creating the dhampir and then abandons him to have his throat torn out by the majay-hi Chap.  He is known to have an ironic nature; when Sau'ilhk asks for eternal life out of his jealousy of The Children, he is given eternal life but has his body taken away from him so that he cannot enjoy his existence.  He is also known as the Enemy of Many Names.

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