A Domin in the Suman branch of the Guild of Sagecraft, Ghassan helps Wynn Hygeorht translate the scroll that Chane took from the icy castle at the end of the first series. He even created the sun crystal Wynn used to defeat Sau'ilhk twice. Ghassan, having made the crystal is able to use it as a tracking device to follow Wynn's movements. Secretly knowing that the Enemy is returning, Ghassan, like Wynn, works to uncover the secrets behind the Forgotten War in order to discover a way to prevent history from repeating itself. Ghassan reveals himself to be a sorcerer, one who can read and manipulate the minds of others. He believes that his branch of the Guild in the Suman desert is the only one capable of dealing with the threat of the Enemy's return and tries secretly and repeatedly to confiscate items related to the Ancient History to bring back to his branch of the Guild.

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