Born into poverty and servitude in Stravina.  At age 17, he leaves home and meets Teesha while he is working at a bar.  They get married and are happy for five years.  He is introverted and rarely speaks to anyone but his wife.  He is killed and becomes a ghost when a vampire named Corische takes a liking to Teesha. 

As a ghost, he usually appears as only a light as he is disgusted by his own appearance and does not wish to see the looks of others as they see him.  He manifests typically only to Teesha of whom he is still deeply devoted to.  He also begins to appear to Rashed and acts as a spy, gathering information when no one else is able.  He can travel large distances almost instantly.  He describes Magiere, Leesil and Chap to Rashed and the others after Parko is killed.  Edwan reports several conversations to Rashed, helping the vampires keep an upper hand on their hunters.  He is very observant and intelligent and is the only one to determine that Welstiel is manipulating both Rashed and Magiere into fighting each other.  He still cares deeply for Teesha and tries desperately to raise her from dormancy when he sees Magiere, Leesil and Brenden infiltrating their lair.  He is able to give Rashed enough warning to prevent Magiere from staking him.  While Rashed and Magiere are engaging in their final battle, he tries to convince them both that their fight is pointless.  It is his distraction that allows for Rashed to be caught in the collapsing debris, ending the fight.  Edwan's last actions are laughing as he vanishes, whether he is truly happy or insane with grief at Teesha's death is unclear.