A dhampir is a mortal, born from the union of a vampire and a human. Dhampirs have pale skin and dark hair, with blood red highlights. Around vampires, dhampirs' pupils expand to cover their entire iris and their eyes water uncontrollably. Their canine teeth lengthen. Their strength, stamina, and coordination increase, and they desire to kill the vampire. Because the rituals required for a vampire to have offspring, Dhampirs are extremely rare. The only known one is Magiere.

Ratboy reveals that Corische had once told him that it takes a vampire a while before their body completely changes and that a newly turned vampire may still be able to conceive a child with a human. 

Welstiel reveals to Magiere that in the first few days after being turned, a vampire can create a child with a human. This child, the dhampir, has a part of themselves that "belongs to the dark world, a negative state of existence that needs to draw in and consume life in order to exist...but the mortal side is stronger"[1]. This imbalance creates a hatred for the undead half that the dhampir cannot control. 


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