Town baliff in Miiska and in charge of it's law enforcement.  Dresses lavishly and indulges in bribes and kickbacks.  A year prior to Magiere's arrival in town, he sees his first vampire.  The vampire is Ratboy, who is feeding on a sailor.  Ellinwood initiates a search to find the killer, but Rashed approaches him with an offer.  If he calls off his search and does not investigate properly any strange murders or disappearances, Rashed will give him 20 shares of his warehouse.  Ellinwood honors their agreement; not investigating the murder of Eliza and incurring the wrath of her brother Brenden.  Ellinwood arrests Brenden after he calls him out publicly and gets into a fight with his guards at The Sea Lion.  He keeps a luxury room at the Velvet Rose Inn.  He likes to indulge in mixing yellow Suman opiate powder with Stravinian spiced whiskey to put in in a drug-induced euphoria for hours at a time.  He is killed by Rashed after the vampire asks for money in order for them to escape town.  Ellinwood says he doesn't keep the money at the inn because he is afraid it will get stolen by maids.  Rashed convinces him that they need to go get his money because it is not safe, Rashed kills him and leaves his body.  The other guards say that Ellinwood has gone missing and Loni is the last person to see him, saying that he saw him leave with someone else but never returned.  It is not stated if his body was ever recovered.

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