Canine companion of Leesil and Magiere, Chap is a Fay-hound or Majay-hi.  Tall and wolfish in build and color but his greys are bluer and whites are brighter than a wolf's. Majay-hi have the ability to help hunt the undead and Chap lets out a loud, high-pitched cry when he senses a vampire

Chap was given to Leesil by his mother as a gift and remained with Leesil as he escaped Lord Darmouth and eventually found Magiere. Both Leesil and Magiere believed Chap to be a regular dog until they begin encountering vampires in Miiska and he proves himself to be a reliable tracker and hunter. 

Leesil and Magiere had no idea that Chap was able to do some fay talents, so Chap was pleased when the sage Wynn explained what Chap really is. Chap surely doesn't like the elf Brotanduive who made Leesil do revenge. Chap joins the fight if it's someone he considers harmful to his friends Wynn, Magiere, and Leesil. He's dislikes characters such as Ratboy, Lord Darmouth, Ubad, and Most Aged Father. Chap surely enjoyed his time with Lily because she helped him while he was in the elf territory where Leesil used to live. Lily also helped Chap rescue Wynn when the fay were mad at Wynn and likely mad at Chap too. Chap can sense the vampires even when they're on a boat, this happens in Child Of A Dead God.