Miiska blacksmith.  His sister Eliza is killed by Ratboy.  He is the one to discover her body and report the murder to Constable Ellinwood who does nothing in the investigation.  He was very fond of his sister, buying her oil scents and wax so that she could make her own candles.  He had no interest in marriage, but knew his sister would leave him one day and get married.  His mother's mother was a village wisewoman and practicioner of "hedge magic, rural spellcraft" and folklore from the far north.  He heard stories of vampires and dhampir from them.  He is well prepared when they go to hunt, bringing with him garlic water and many sharpened stakes.  He is a large burly man with red hair and a red beard.  When nothing is done to find his sister's murderer, he confronts Ellinwood at The Sea Lion.  He ends up assaulting two guards and is arrested.  Leesil comes to post his bail, which is an outrageous six silver coins.  Leesil has five and Brenden pays the last and promises to pay him back.  They become friends.  He briefly considers courting Magiere, as he finds her attractive.  When he mentions this in passing to Leesil, Leesil is slightly angered, but supresses it as they are now friends and he doesn't have many of those.  Brenden urges Leesil and Magiere to hunt the vampires, having heard the stories of them being hunters.   He aides Leesil and Magiere in attacking the vampires in their lair.  Despite seeing Magiere biting Leesil and in her dhampir state, he remains friends with them and does not pull back.  While everyone celebrates the defeat of the vampires, Brenden is depressed as he feels no joy at the deaths of his sister's killers.  Leesil cheers him up, telling him he will go to work everyday and at night he will come have drinks with his friends and soon he will be happy again.  That night he is ambushed by Teesha who lures him into a dream state and convinces him to lay his head on her and rest.  As she bites him, she convinces him she is kissing him.  Without even fighting back, Brenden is killed.